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Semi Automatic Trucks

Semi-automatic trucks 

Many companies can benefit from the automation of their material handling process. Our automated range of trucks and load carriers offers advanced, flexible solutions for more efficient, cost-effective goods handling. Advantages of automation in material handling include easy tracking of goods, just-in-time picking, less damage and fewer operator hours. The BT Radioshuttle automated load carrier is ideal for high-density storage, saving expensive warehouse space. The BT Autopilot allows driverless operation for repetitive movements, or order picking of goods, reducing labour efforts. Both automatic systems free operators for more demanding tasks.

The BT Autopilot automated powered pallet or stacker truck is perfect for repetitive horizontal transportation or stacking of goods. It can also be used for automated order picking in multi-shift operations.

  • Automated powered pallet or stacker truck
  • Driverless operation
  • Can be used manually as a standard truck
  • Laser guided technology

The BT Radioshuttle is a high-performance powered load carrier that is ideal for high-density storage and comes in a wide range of pallet sizes.

  • Wireless remote controlled load carrier
  • Aisle-free storage
  • Advanced safety functionality
  • Patented rail design